Sunday, August 1, 2010

The wall that separates us is unending

I walk towards the light.
It shines so bright.
My life seems so lost
I wish to remedy the cost.

The ones on the side other,
they do not see their lost brother.
I wish for my life to end.
But the light I still cannot bend.

Relegated to continued exile,
I wish for the unnerving smile.
The one who can give it to me,
separated by a wall
has finally taken the fall
cross the wall, come be.

The guards are smiling,
they cannot hear the filing.
The rasping noise from below the floors,
the people trying to break down the doors.

“Attack is imminent” blares the small tube,
the guards scramble for the safety of the cube.
They close themselves in,
but the patience is wearing thin.

I see the new lord,
changing the cord.
There will be hangings,
lost in the happy endings.

The doors are broken,
the beast has awoken.
A new revolution,
bloody solution.

To a problem that bends
as society ends.
The seal it is broken,
our lord has now spoken.

The change it is rotten,
it will soon be forgotten.
The walls stand erect,
not showing the inner defect.

Chains do reform,
revolutions are the norm.
We lost long ago,
the end is at hand,
as Edgar Allan Poe,
makes his last stand.

Inspired by “Worth enough”

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