Friday, October 7, 2011


We all do. Do not try to deny. There is no shame in it my friend. For it has changed. It is not taboo, if you do.

Ramble on? Lost on my hope for a great new song? Wish to belong. Do what others do, lie. Lie yourself to heaven, lie yourself to hell, but most of all... do it well.

Our society is lost. A lost child amongst wolves without a cause, we lost that as well. And as we plunge into the bottomless pit, I tell you, my friend, rejoice, for peace will come soon... but that is not what I think.

It is a chance. Show yourself as the ray of light we hope you to be, be free and join me. Throw off the chains of moral and intellectual oppression. Be a rebel, if you need to, for if you do, we need it too. And most of all, lie. Lie to your old self and change, lie to the ones who will not accept.

Break the world. May your lies bring the truth.