Sunday, March 15, 2009


Why are people always opposed to change? Any way you look at it, they always keep attempting to trample it to death. Don't accept it, don't try to work with it, even if it's bad. Just keep going on about it being bad and annoying anything else.

From all I see this seems to stem not from the change itself, but from people's inability to adapt, to change with the change. We believe in an immutable universe where everything is gonna stay the same for all of us and keep us free of any need to change ourselves. But change is progress. It's movement, it means we're not staying in one place rotting to death. I embrace change. I let it flow through me and change me, make me better.

Not all change is good, but it still affects people and makes them better. Better prepared to face it in the end.

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I really enjoyed Dostoyevski's Crime and Punishment. It clearly marks the difference between the few people who are able to embrace change and the many that frown upon it, albeit in a way that might not exactly be socially acceptable. I don't care much for distinctions between a person and the people, as in my view you cannot have a people that is reactionary if it's comprised of only progressive people.

This is still a thing I cannot understand. If anyone has any idea as to how I could deepen my knowledge about this, feel free to comment.

PS: If you wonder where I got this idea, it's from Facebook's new design, you have tons of people now getting "angry" because of the change, opposing it not through any realistic arguments but with absolute BS.

Changing 01001100010011110101011001000101

She reacts to my love
smashes it down
brings in the ones and zeroes
that change in the deep town.

While i try to change myself
make me the one she loves
make the time we never had
the truth we both want.

She has seen me as I was
she never will see me again
in a different light
not ever, not when.

So I seek for change,
to change her to be,
to show her the night
the real night at the bottom of me.

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