Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My hearts desires are breaking out,
the fires of the feelings running about.
The fractures spiral out,
enveloping my final shout.

The break begins to shine,
there is a light, so sublime.
Forever shall the butterfly
bring the love and never die.

I come to earth to release my love,
I bring it to all the creatures from below and above.
I can feel my life springing up,
enveloping the world in a beautiful wrap.

There a soft calming pulses coming from below,
it can be felt all around, feel it grow.
It’s changing ourselves, giving up hate,
do not fret, for it will never be too late.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Give to all

Like a black hole in reverse,
I can feel myself disperse.
Move out throughout the space,
as if competing in a race.
Devising a cunning plan,
to spread the love to the limit.
Join the open clan,
never again be timid.

I feel the warm embrace,
softer than the softest lace.
It gives me hope,
it give me life,
I cannot mope,
can’t feel no strife.

My body slowly glows,
getting rid of the lows.
I just feel so high,
will never stop to die.

Giving all that I have,
receiving the incoming rave.
The energy ever flowing,
we become all knowing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

End of life

I deserve to die
I cannot tell this lie
I have to keep myself
away from the oh so real elf.

She keeps me half awake,
with not one single kiss to take.
My heart simply shakes
at the thought of you awake.

I can hardly live like this,
thinking of all I miss.
The softest touch,
I do not ask for much.

Give the end to me,
just please let me be.
I am so thoroughly normal,
please stop being so formal.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I’m building myself up for all to see
breaking the speed of light
coming to the end of the night
hurting to the power of three.

The wall at which I am pointed
erected by the anointed
will be the end of my line
for I will never be thine.

I dip my heart in the sea of cold
and for all the truth to be told
I feel like the hammer is reaching in
ridding me of this awful sin.

The last of the forceful desires,
the last of the incessantly burning fires.
I can feel my heart being broken
please take it as a final token
of my love that had finally awoken.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The wall that separates us is unending

I walk towards the light.
It shines so bright.
My life seems so lost
I wish to remedy the cost.

The ones on the side other,
they do not see their lost brother.
I wish for my life to end.
But the light I still cannot bend.

Relegated to continued exile,
I wish for the unnerving smile.
The one who can give it to me,
separated by a wall
has finally taken the fall
cross the wall, come be.

The guards are smiling,
they cannot hear the filing.
The rasping noise from below the floors,
the people trying to break down the doors.

“Attack is imminent” blares the small tube,
the guards scramble for the safety of the cube.
They close themselves in,
but the patience is wearing thin.

I see the new lord,
changing the cord.
There will be hangings,
lost in the happy endings.

The doors are broken,
the beast has awoken.
A new revolution,
bloody solution.

To a problem that bends
as society ends.
The seal it is broken,
our lord has now spoken.

The change it is rotten,
it will soon be forgotten.
The walls stand erect,
not showing the inner defect.

Chains do reform,
revolutions are the norm.
We lost long ago,
the end is at hand,
as Edgar Allan Poe,
makes his last stand.

Inspired by “Worth enough”