Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The killer

Let me explain myself first. I have been away from myself for a time. This story has been brewing in me for some time. I have been unable to commit it to paper as it has seemed too much for a long time. But the loss is mine if I give up. So I have to show it to all. Myself the most. I hope you enjoy it. But a word of warning: it is not finished. I will hopefully add onto it in time. But for now... This is what you get:

The dreams live on. I forget them, but they change, they give new meaning to themselves. I can still see her in my dreams. The angel of light, the maiden of love, the champion of truth. My dear Iliria.

Strangely the only pleasure I have been able to experience lately stems from the torture of this soul that has been trapped within me. This sweet torture I am able to impart on this poor result of so many mistakes. She has felt love enough, and her lover lives still. As a matter of fact, her old body is married to him. And as far as I know he loves "her". I do visit from time to time. I enjoy her pain as I look at her old life. I enjoy the torture.

I am not a bad person. I am the worst person. I keep on going even after all these years.


Losing her was the most pain I have ever felt, my heart being ripped from my chest, still feeling it beating in her hand, still feeling her warmth. Still feeling happy as she mangles me. But that was not the end. I would not go. And so he came. He was perfect. Lost in a world of pain, his only wish was death. As he was passing I reached out to him and offered my place. My dying frame in it's last painful breaths. He took it happily and that is how I ended up being Mark. My original name has been lost to the ages long ago. I have changed as many names as a snake has skins.

Immortal? Oh no, I am not immortal. I am a parasite. I enjoy the death of each and every one of my victims. I help them from time to time, until I grow tired of them that is. Then they pay for it.

Taking Julie

She was one of them, she didn't have the guts to ask him, to approach him. So I saw the need when I first met her. She reached out to me, unknowingly. I answered, she panicked, calmed down and then asked me to do it. She would pay for it in time.

I took her over, leaving a little of myself in Mark, just enough so no-one would know I'm gone. I ravaged her memories first, I needed them to accomplish what was wanted. I saw her lost loves, the pain in her heart. I knew her better than she knew herself. And I liked her. I liked her better than most others. I wanted her, for myself, and I would have her.

Julie. That was her name, that was her soul's name. And now the name is no more. The little of her I left in the old body is enough for him not to notice, but she will stay with me. I have much to teach her. We now both live in Mark, in this husk that was once on the way to destruction. She hates me for now, but she will learn. I will teach her how to move as I do. Take over.

Do to others what I did to her. The sweet pain that comes from it will drive her mad, as it did so many times before. We have all gone mad, none of us stays the same.

I will move away now. The suffering is becoming unbearable lately. She must not be subjected to it anymore. It is time. I have to take it.

I go into the house. I see the body of Julie moving around. Enjoying itself. So I take her into it with me. I feel her lover's touch, I know she can feel it too. Not expecting it she starts enjoying herself. She loves it so much I can feel the warmth from her. I can feel her love for him. But it is not enough, the bill must be paid, the thirst must be quenched. I plunge her right hand into his chest. He feels the pain I have felt as I take out the heart that was pumping his blood just seconds ago. He looks at me not really comprehending what is going on, but he still sees me plunge her other hand in her own body and take out the heart. Mashing them together I create the final ending to the love that was once there.

I enjoy the death as it engulfs us but I know I cannot stay. So I yank Julie free of the body and take her back to Mark. I can feel her pain. I see her running away from me. She is afraid. Hiding in a corner. Not showing herself. But I can still feel her. Compassion? I lost it long ago. Now she will be mine and mine only.

Agent John Corner

Arrived at the scene at 21:43. The blood and gore in the room is still steaming. We were called by the roommate that came home at around 21:20. The scene itself is disturbing. It looks like there was a change of heart during the intercourse, literally. The hearts of the victims are squeezed together in the woman's hand. The man's face is contorted with pain, while the woman seems incredibly happy. She has enjoyed the death it seems.

Preliminary report:
No external activity detected on the scene, the only fingerprints in the room were of the victims, there is not a spec of dust out of place. The roommate is clean and there are no other blood stains in the whole condo. This one should be treated as a murder / suicide. I still have some qualms about it and am especially curious as to how she was able to do it, but there seems to be no evidence of another person.
Case closed.


I am walking down the road, she's still screaming inside. She will not stop the harassment she has been subjecting me to lately. I must say I am growing tired of her. The last three years have been interesting, but she still will not leave me alone. I cannot make her go and this pains me.

There seems to be no other choice. I will have to lock her down in some body and destroy it. This cannot go on, she was the same as all the others. I could not tolerate them either. They all become too much in time.

Is it so sad that these days I cannot find a mate that would be suitable to me. They all run away or turn away and never come back. I have had to do it too many times. Too many of them have had to die. I wonder if there is something wrong with the world? Is the whole world insane?

Nice, a couple walking by just at the right time. I wonder, could I recreate it exactly as it was last time? Could I have her squeeze the hearts together?

I take over the woman, dragging the one who was once called Julie right behind me. The woman is offering some resistance, unknowing that in doing so the suffering will only be stronger. I drink in her memories, revel in the loves she has experienced, I see all her lovers rolled into one, I feel all her orgasms in myself and I lose my strength for a second as I experience complete and absolute bliss. I feel a pair of hands on my neck. The boyfriend is strangling me, but why? What is he doing? Why is he trying to kill his lover?

I feel myself losing the ability to think. I can feel her slowly dying, gasping for breath. I have to move soon or I will die. I look for Julie, but she's gone. She's gone! Where the hell is she? Did she pull back into the husk?

I find myself back in Mark. She's not here. I cannot find her anywhere. The panic I feel is something I have not known in centuries. I can feel my heart tremble as I think of the options I have to save myself. She knows where I am and now that she's free she will gain power fast. The first possession is the critical one. The first possession... She was the one who was strangling me. She moved while I was experiencing the woman. She moved into the boyfriend and decided to kill me. Oh, she has learned fast indeed. In the three years of suffering she experienced under me.

She will pay for the affront. I will have to take her down. Oh the excitement. It has been so long since I last had an opponent. She has completely won for now. But now, now the times will get interesting.


Taking over the man had been a pain. I didn't know how to use him at all. And I can feel him attacking me and trying to hurt me. I felt the Old One moving from the body of the girl and started reviving her as soon as he did. She is breathing now and I will have to explain to them how I saved them, but the man is already starting to accept my stroking. He is feeling better, especially since he has seen me save her.

Changing the course of the Old One's memories has proved to be a challenge, but moving from the background I was shortly able to move some small and insignificant parts around, just enough so I could find a couple of seconds to move.

The resistance at first was unbelievable  but I was able to take him over quickly, especially since I decided to overlook his memories and only use him. She is gaining consciousness. I should move to her so I can explain it. He will understand. 

"Please understand me, do not be angry. I am going to explain it to her."

Moving into her I can feel the pain in her throat. I can feel her dizziness. But I only  move in, taking her over again would make her feel too much pain. I stroke her slowly and try to get her attention in a nice way. She has to understand what I am doing before I do it. She should not recoil from me.


She will be silent for some time I expect.


I can feel her responding to my thoughts. I have to explain to her.

"You were possessed, taken over by an Old One. He has been in this world for centuries and has no qualms about killing. I had to attack you so I could save myself. He has killed my body and taken me hostage. I was in you when he attacked, but I had to move to your boyfriend to attack you. Simone is it? I'm really sorry Simone. I didn't mean to hurt you, but I had to make him leave."

A little nod from her soul, but I can still feel her fear. I can still see her pain.

"I will have to move on. Could you please let me take your boy, Timothy was it? I need to move to a different place. I need a new body. And you will have to stay hidden for a while. Don't walk around too much, he choses his victims that way."

Another nod.

I move to the boy. And I explain to him what I told her. In the meantime she tries to speak to him, but I put a hand over her mouth. No time for distractions. We have to move. He doesn't want to leave her so soon. He want to comfort her. But I have to go. He has to understand my need to move. We're all in danger if this goes on.

We exit the house, I slowly look around and see him nowhere. I expect he will stay in the old husk for some time now as he's planning his attack. I start moving towards the main square of the city. I need to find a crowd. It will be much easier to take someone there, someone I can really use. Someone as strong as Mark. As soon as he sees where I want to go, Timothy takes over and leaves me to my thoughts. I need to plan this. Or he will kill me and no one will never know about it.

We arrive into the center of town in about 15 minutes. I can see a crowd close by, and there are many people about. I listen for interesting information. I look for a bad person to take. And there he is. Powerful, in the prime of his life and a lowlife. I want him. He will be perfect. He can take Mark.

I say goodbye to Tim and start my preparations. I look into the mafioso's eyes and I see no remorse, no regret. Like a hungry lion I pounce. He doesn't know what hit him. He's mine. No one can save him now.  I can feel him reeling inside. I can feel his pain. His suffering. I can feel his repentance. He thinks of me as god, taking over his soul to destroy it. That might prove to be to my advantage. I should culture that feeling. I show him pictures of lightning. He can see people dying in the holy flames. He surrenders himself to me. I can feel the power in my hands. I can feel the knowledge he had flowing into me. Slowly I take over the last of him. He slowly exhales his last breath and closes himself into a little box at the bottom of himself. There will be no more resistance from him.

I have to move on. He has a meeting in five minutes which I have to attend. Otherwise there will be suspicion. I have to be him to the absolute.

The Old One

This body can still serve me for a time still. But she will find someone stronger, not knowing that the strength comes from  within and not from the outside. She still has much to learn. But the way I have been pushing here she will learn it fast, or die.

Enough time has passed. I need to hide myself from her for now and find a couple of backups. I cannot count only on Mark now, not anymore. The  more bodies I posses, the weaker each gets, but I cannot leave it to chance now. She is out to get me, and who can blame her. I made her go through her own personal hell in the three years she has been with me. Oh the sweet feeling of pain of another. What beauty.

She will go look for a strong one in a crowd. I need to find someone she would never take. I can see what to do as it is. I need an orphanage. There I will find an unlucky foundling who has been hit too many times by life, whom the cruel mistress has taken and tortured his whole life. He will seek a solution and no-one will help him with the exception of me. He will embrace oblivion as I take him over and enjoy the youth he has to offer.

The only orphanage around here is an old and decrepit building that has seen too many storms and not enough repair crews, ideal for my purposes. I see a strong and well grown kid, about the age of 17. No-one ever accepted him as he was too damaged. But I will accept him, as he will accept me. We will be one and he will be no more.

I slowly move closer to him and see the sadness in his eyes. The feelings I crave so much he has, so I take them. I dive deep into his soul, drink it up and enjoy the pain he has felt. He feels my intrusion but does nothing to prevent it. He begins to enjoy it and just gives it all up. He gives himself to me.

As soon as it's over I can feel he is gone forever and I feel a small part of me is very happy, no doubt the part he left in me to live forever.

I leave a small part of myself in him and move on into Mark. I need some more backups. I need to survive. Never leave anything to chance. That is what I promised myself after Iliria. Death was so near sometimes.

To be continued.


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