Monday, March 29, 2010

The mobster

He could move with much grace. It seems he has come thus far by being prepared and careful. His body is also in its prime. He is fit and has great reflexes, obviously a winner in the neverending game of evolution.

It seems my choice has been right. I should be able to take the Old One in little to no time. I should be ready soon and with this strength there should be no problems in dealing with the opposition he might amass before I reach him. He will pay for what he did to me, but mostly what he did to my lover. He even made me forget his name so he would be able to control me. I know it is still there, but I cannot reach it. I will know the name of the man I mourn some day.

I will make sure he will hurt nobody else. He will mourn the day he was born when I will finish with him.

What is this? Why am I so cocky, while he has been living for centuries I am just a newly made One. I am barely able to move and take over, yet here I am planning how to destroy my creator. He might as well be the only other One in the world, yet there is no doubt in my mind. My wish for his death is stronger than any feeling I have ever felt.

This anger, this seething rage. It is so hard to control. I just want to run directly to the hideout where he keeps Mark and destroy him forever. But I cannot allow for that. I must plan my attack. I must not go alone. I have a Family behind me now. I can muster much more strength than I have ever before.

I arrive to the meeting place. Two thugs are guarding the entrance to the strip club that is in front of me. "The dancing camel",  what a name. I brush off the two gorillas in front and enter, knowing full well that meeting a fellow Boss would mean friction and a chance to die. The counsellors have been speaking against it, but there is just such a strong need to solve the current issues that I had to do it anyway.

He is sitting at his favorite table, watching a couple of girls spinning on a pole, while another plays with some toys on a stool center stage. It is quite a show, and had it not been for the years with him, I would have felt at least slightly embarrased. The feeling is lost on me now.

Flesh is just one small part of life as I now know. My life has transcended it, I need it no more.

I sit opposite to the boss who tells the two henchmen by his side to beat it. It seems he is indeed in a mood to talk. Even though I am here unarmed he knows that attacking me now would probably mean suicide. What he does not know is that I am indeed not Clean Mike, but indeed another hiding in his body.

He begins talking about inconsequential things, but these must be said so we reach the time and atmosphere for a  bargain. He keeps talking about past girls he has had in his grip.

Then he tells me one of the stories from his childhood:

"I was young and had a bright future as the heir to the Maciolotta family. "

He was on his way to school one day when he was abducted and taken to a remote location, from where the thugs were planning on demanding a ransom for his life. They obviously did not know the Maciolotta family. They were taken down a notch as soon as he got free of his bonds. They thought of him as a little boy who could never fight back, how wrong they were.

It was not long before he tore them up and returned home. He remembers their screams and pleads to this day. He has always been the soft one of the family.

The Maciolottas were trained to be excellent killers from the day they turned three. It didn't matter should they be male or female, they had to know how to survive. The ones who didn't died soon enough in the training.

So this was Antonio, the outcast. He was thrown from the family for failing to kill his own brother. My father inherited the family as a consequence. Antonio went on to create his own little empire which was of some help from time to time.

A stronger alliance with him was in the talks. My father trusted him with his life when he was alive. Now I will trust him as my father once had.

Stop. Now. I'm not him. I must never forget that I am not the person I posess. I am myself. There is no other. I am me. A woman in a male body, nothing else.

I continue the debate, calculating all the while in my head the amout of time it will take me to assemble the whole family and prepare for an attack on Mark. I cannot forget him. He must pay the price for the pain I have experienced.

This was a good choice, he is young and strong. He comes from a family with strong ties and he has all the firepower I need. This should be over soon.

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