Thursday, September 17, 2009


Change the way you think,
move from darkness to the light
reach for the newest might
be the only real link.
Keep us al together,
let us move from there to here,
make us forget about the fear
take us all on the journey
bringing light into our eyes
making us renounce the lies.
What we do is what we are
when we do it is the time
that will help us change the world
make the story be re-told.
I wish for honey
I wish for bees
I wish for enemies on their knees
I wish for stories to be told
I wish for days to last and hold.
What I want is of no concern,
let us all just live and learn.
We have come so far, have we not?
We have learned so much, have we not?
We have done so much, have we not?
But really, have we?
Have we progressed from our own existence that has been going on for millenia?
Deep inside us the animal resides,
it feeds on hatred and keeps us sparse.
What it wants is not small nor thin,
it wants to feed, to wear our skin.
I'm wandering through my mind and losing myself. Feeling at a loss and not knowing when I will be going out from here, feeling the love and hate that all feel.
What strikes me as strange is that I feel that I know, I know people as much as you can, but still they can't really understand. Knowing somebody does not depend on time, it depends on the feelings that reside in you. As many may know as you might by now, I am an idealist, and I might be a bir romantic at that. I believe that there is something good in everybody, so that is what I seek. I also believe that you can "know" people without knowing them. I believe you can know them in an instant, when you meet. Time is relative, personalities are not.

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