Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Days before you came

My life going crazy. 
Trying to join myself in thinking.
Days keep going and coming,
my wishes never becoming
the reality I seek.
So each new day makes me weak.
The bliss is all,
all I seek,
give it to me and I will come clear,
I will tell you who I hold dear. 
My wishes devour all that I love,
spit out the greatest fear.
Make it attack from above.
I try to escape, to flee.
But the one I am facing is me.
The times have been changing. I feel like someone has wished "interesting times" upon me. The people I'm meeting change me bit by bit, they make me happy. Make it all real, make me feel like I'm high, like the world has lost all composure, come to a grinding stop and turned around just for kicks.
Changing direction each and every time it wants to. I feel without an anchor. I feel like I'm floating. But then I see the light. The eyes which hold my attention. I feel like there is no movement, the world comes to a stop. 
I love myself. I love humanity. But I adore...

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