Monday, February 16, 2009

A walk in the woods

It was a sunny saturday and after taking a nice ride on my bike I decided to go and take a nap in the afternoon, when I hear my mobile screaming for my attention.

Wouldn't you know it, a friend had an idea. He said we should go and check out a gorge in the vicinity of Dragonja (which is a river on the Slovene coast). Being the way I am, I said yes and we went ahead with the plan. We drove there in his trusty old twingo (which got a few new bumps thanks to an awful road), and we faced our first problem as soon as we got out of the car. The problem being a bridge which was not safe for use. So we had to wade our way through the river (man it was cold).

After successfully getting to the other side we went on towards the gorge, I had believed it was a short walk, but my dear friend had decided to take a "shortcut" which led us through the woods, yay. The woods were full of "aggressive" vegetation (the kind which stings), so this became quite an adventure. The shortcut turned out to be all else beside short though. So we took quite some time to get there.

On the way we found a couple of old bangers in the most incredible places. Some places were hard to reach by foot, how in god's name did you get a car there? One example would be in the picture on the right.

On the way we also saw some quite nice sights, and I even saw some of the first flowers in the wild in this year.

Anyway we kept going and when we got to the top above the gorge realized that we don't really have the time to descend if we don't want to return in the dark (considering neither me or him knew that place that well it wouldn't have been a good idea).
I made a couple more photos, which can be seen on Flickr.

Overall I must say that the experience has been pleasant and am really looking forward to exploring the gorge in the coming weeks, if the weather will permit it of course. From the pictures he has shown me it seems to be quite a special place.

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