Saturday, February 14, 2009

Raison d'être

Knowing what to do with my blog has been an unknown for quite some time for me.
There wasn't really any use, or reason for it. Just a test of myself to see if I could actually go and do something akin to writing.
Well you might have notices that insofar it has not been a very successful test. I haven't had any ideas about it, haven't had any stuff to write about and last but not least, I don't see myself as a person important enough to warran any kind of viewership.
Writing to myself has been a nice thing to do for quite some time, but I feel I will be able to write stuff for others as well. Heck, maybe some people will get to know me better through it.

Having written all that I really hope something will come of it. I hope in time some people might actually like it and read it from time to time.

Another poem for the road? What about "Alone" (I don't exactly remember, but I think this one was published in the book "Young People's Book On Non Violence" - a project I helped work on, but more about that another day maybe):

I saw people walk away,
While he was begging us to stay.

I did as they did,

Even if I wanted to stay.

Now I see,

That it was also me.

We could have helped him,

Helped him be seen.

We just did what was easy.
We left him alone.
We left him to die.

Without even saying goodbye.

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