Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lost a tree, seen and been free.

The dark night screams without
within you there is the fearless shout.
It tells you to jump
makes the outside seem like a dump.

I stroke the thought in the mind
how simple it is to find.
The freedom of the little man
holding the unkempt lost hen.

An egg so tiny it can barely be seen
The world revolves around what has been.
The night light envelops me
makes the day seem like an empty tree.

The core shows a flaw, deep and dark,
but I can still see hope in the young bark.
It looks without with nary a grin,
these are the days when I know there's no sin.

No loss is as great
as the feeling of hate.
Make me feel free
fill up the tree.
Show them all
the ultimate fall.

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