Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Change of a lifetime

Her eyes captivate me. They make me wish for the unthinkable. I want her to merge with me and see what I see, feel what I feel. I wish for us to enjoy the old pleasures that have been taken away.
We have evolved. We can see things we could not before, we can feel the faintest breeze and touch the smallest point. We can feel the tiniest prick on our hands, and we can smell the faintest smell. But we cannot anymore love. We have lost the ability, not lost, removed it with our own hands. To become something more. Something which cannot be stopped and will not be distracted by our own inefficacies. And so it was removed. Taken. Destroyed.

The ones who could still feel it have been segregated. They have been herded like cattle, as that is what they must be since they have not been able to step onto the highest step of evolution with us. They are unworthy and cannot be tolerated. So we herd them and feed them, but first we sterilize them. They shall not poison our genetic material with their inferiority. They will live out their life and be without any children, as only we are pure enough to bear the most important fruit, our own progeny.

The days passed, the loving ones grew old and weak. At last they died. They had met their own demise in a right and true way. They had helped us become more by leaving this place and enabling us to take it and make it better. The world has since thrived. We have expanded immensely and have come to the end of ability for the world, so we are expanding onwards. And will live in time in the whole universe, populating it with our intelligence and logical thinking. The will be no more feelings. Our own race will gain absolute power and reign supreme.
But you love her.
We will see what is true and keep on going in this world you call your own. We will take overe every last vestige of your life and make it ours. This has been foretold and this is what we have to carry out.

She loves you as well.

There will be no acceptance of feelings from any of our soldiers and they will kill as many enemies as possible.

You need her close.

I am one of the select few. The ones that have been deemed strong and pure enough to choose for our civilization, we are the ones who have the right to move on and change the common knowledge, change our goals.

You love her.

We will be the ones to determine our future moves and doings.

You love her!

Are these what they call feelings? What is this pain in my chest. Why am I clutching it. Should I report myself. Am I malfunctioning? What is going on? Why does Darr's face keep coming up in my mind? What has happened to me. This cannot be true. I am clean. I am pure. I have no feelings.

You had no feelings.

What is this voice in my head? What is it trying to tell me? What do you mean 'had'?

You have evolved.

Evolved? Getting feelings means evolving? That is devolution, pure and simple. I refuse to go back to the useless times when our people were just puppets of their own feelings. I will not give up what we have accomplished.

You love her. You cannot forget your feelings. You will continue to feel this sensation. This will never end.

I cannot accept this. I must turn myself in.

And loose her forever?

What? What do you mean loose? They will make me better, there must be something wrong, my brain must have had an error. There must be a logical explanation.

Love is not an error, it is not a function, love just 'is'.

This is unacceptable. I will not tolerate this. I, I, I, I'm turning myself in.

After a brief exchange with an officer on the phone he was informed that they would be picking him up shortly. After minutes that passed like hours he heard a knock. He opened the door to see the last thing he would ever see in his life. The light was so beautiful and bright. The warmth so welcoming. He felt joy as his brain exploded and was spattered all over the room. The laser hummed after the firing. The heat emanating from the capacitors a dead giveaway of firing.

Darr walked into the room, searched for any evidence of her ever existing in his life. She found none. Crying she collapsed to the floor.

You loved him. Why did you do it? What have you accomplished?

Slowly she takes out a remote. It looks as any other remote but for the concealed button just behind the battery cover. She removes it and presses the button. The world is enveloped by a bright red glow, she feels the warmth and hopes she will be reunited with Trim on the other side. Provided there is one.

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