Sunday, April 5, 2009


He walked into the room and saw the life. He saw them talking to each other. He decided to join in. They didn't have any problems accepting him. They liked him, they enjoyed talking to him.
He left.
They don't remember who he is.
Just another day in the life of the disconnected man.
Wondering what it feels to be unknown, to not have any connections in the world? Not to exist?
I felt it, even better, I've been it. Waltzing through life and connecting with people, but just for a moment. Then dropping everything and forgetting. Leaving it alone, staying alone and keeping on and on.

Every day was new. New people to meet every single day. You're a ghost walking through the world, never leaving a trace in the minds of all the people you meet. In the end you disappear.

The never-ending story. The story of a lifetime, of the man who disappeared and nobody missed.

That's what I wished for a long time, how I lived my life. Then I was pulled in. People not letting me go. Not going to let me disappear. I saw it then. Being disconnected is only a fantasy, never anything else. People don't forget you easily. You stay there. They remember. They want more.

I gave up.
You know how they say: If you can't beat them, join them!

The days of his life
trembled in his eye.
They were lost
and afraid.
Of being the last
of being too late.

He never forgot
he remained the same
disconnected from all
the reality gone.

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