Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ramble forward, live to end time.

I walk on the wrong side of things. Forever in the dark. Lost from sight. Forgotten before I am ever seen. The thoughts of my friends think never revolve around me. I am forever lost and never remembered.

Of people plenty have seen me.
Of men many have been free.
But none have ever thought of the sea.
Never have they felt the decree.

I shall not ever disclose my own reality to anyone, lest I start a chain reaction that should bring the world to a quick end. One not one person has ever foreseen. It would be as strange as this story may seem to you. But this can go on no longer. The burden placed upon me has been to great for too long. And the choices I have made wrong to a degree at which there is no right anymore.

I have been entrusted with the safeguard of this planet. The main race being the humans. I was to oversee their development and stop any cataclysmic event from happening. I am more than able to change anything in this solar system, this includes any and all movements in it. The countless times I have saved it I cannot remember anymore. But this has brought so much pain onto me, it is not bearable anymore. The love I have for this species has grown, to the point at which only absolute annihilation seems a choice anymore.

I wish for your swift and untimely demise. I do not wish to see you suffer such a mediocre and never ending spiral towards the rock bottom you shall reach. I wish only to break free of my bonds and destroy you all. Give you sweet freedom of all that defines you, remove all your limits.

Oh how you love your limits so. Never understanding that there is no task too big. No wish too strong. No life is wrong. And you forever impose limits on yourselves. Giving up is your undying wish. Your only solace in the impossibility of your own existence.

My ramblings shall cease now. Enjoy your last millenia, for as they fly by, I shall be the untimely demise for you all and I shall join you in the sweet ending to this preposterous life-cycle.

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