Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The truth out there - or how to spot a difference

As I live from day to day and enjoy my life, sometimes things change, and sometimes it's for the worst. But I never see it. The truth is useless. I see what I see and I like to do it like that. There are no limits, nothing you cannot do, the only attitude I know is "Can DO! Will DO!". Giving up will not bring you to being great.

Sometimes I embellish the truth, sometimes it is for myself, sometimes for others, sometimes it does not have a reason. You can call it lying, but if that's what it is; I have been lying to myself for my whole life, and my life has been better for it. There is no news here, it is something I have known for a long time. What you do is what you are, what you are is what you love, what you love is everything that ever counts.

So the days go on, I live, I love, I feel, I cry, I lie. But the point of it all is the change in the world, it stems from us all.

What I must not forget is people, friends, family, lovers.
And I am truly thankful for the last week that has passed, I have met an amazing bunch of people, some of them I had known before, some of them I have met for the first time. I will miss them dearly as they have left a mark on my heart a sense of longing has been gripping me for the last two days.
For friends we may be
you, him, they, me.
We will always come
to see it again
how we together have lain
the days that have passed
hoping the time will soon be
for me and you again to be we.

The days will pass
I will see a new mass
the people and streets
but what I will miss will be
all the people's greets,
missing the wave
never being a slave
but once giving up
and hoping for a new crave.

It will never come,
I will hope for some,
of the newest drug,
but I will end up smug,
thinking of the times,
I have met people aplenty,
and then I will again feel,
just a little bit empty.

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