Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have for a long time now been quite confident a person. That was actually the first thing I had the determination to overcome.

But I have never really been content with myself. I can see lots and lots of problems with myself. I'm especially self-conscious about my body, which many will know I have never hesitated to use as a topic for self-deprecation. But the last month and a half I believe I have made a breakthrough in my life and myself.
I am now determined to get rid of my insecurity once and for all. And this has prompted a big change in lifestyle. Which at the moment I embrace fully and enjoy as well.

I have started reaping the results of my hard work and determination just lately.
I must say that I'm pleased with myself even though I'm still not content with the current situation.

This is giving me new hope as I can now say I'm not a hopeless lazy bum, but really a person who's able to steer his life in the "right" (better said wanted) direction.


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Unknown said...

i have to say this title forced me to read the whole your post and blog alhtough i didn't find, what i have been searching for. anyway i am glad you digitalize your mind to a blog form:). it's like putting your writting potential in a form everybody can see instead leave it in your head explosed to chaos of minds.